Afia (PDF)

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A conversation with founder Patricia Gaines.

Napptural Professionals
We talked to 7 naturals working in various professional capacities about how their choice to wear their hair naturally has affected their work.

Meet Sister Levi Tam
Sister Levi is the owner of Levi's Dreads in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and is known as a "hair doctor" everywhere she goes.


Getting to the Other Side
When transitioning becomes a holding to embrace your naturalness.

Hydrate Your Hair Like the Pros
Natural hair gurus Camille Robbins, Andrell Melvin, Myriam Muhammad, and Nicole Corley-Murray share their advice on keeping our hair hydrated.

Loc Repair
What is causing your locs to thin? We look at common causes and possible solutions.


Why Water?
The many benefits of water and how much you need to drink.

5 Simple Ways to Relax
Phone calls, long commutes, work, family drama, and so much more. Methods to cope with life's stressors.

Sugar Alternatives
A few options to keep your sweet tooth at bay.

Pranic Healing
An energy based healing technique that is said to balance, harmonize, and transform the body's energy processes.


Black and Bald
A young woman shares her experience of being ridiculed about her hair as a child, and her newfound transition to naturalness.

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Published: 2005
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