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Attitudes of Young Girls about Natural Hair
Tia looked up at my massive Afro puff with the innocence that only a four-year-old could muster. While brushing the long straight hair of her Caucasian-like Barbie doll, she said to me, "Ima brush yo' hair. It needs to be like this." She holds her straight haired Barbie up to me with pride and admiration. Although saddened by her comment, it's also understandable. Tia is four years old and has a relaxer in her hair.

Natural Professionals and Entrepreneurs
A photo series showing naturals in all walks of life.

Quench the Thirst of Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair is often caused by dryness. Find out how to battle the frizzies.


Lemon Rinse for Tightening Locs
How to use lemon juice to help your locs tighten.

My Stribbies, My Self
One natural shares the story of her journey.

Disproving the Comb Postulate
Do we really need to "pull a comb through" our hair?


Got Milk?, by Christina Pirello
Information you may not know about the drawbacks of drinking cow's milk.

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Published: 2003
Pages: 40
Format: Digital (PDF)