Camilya (PDF)

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Nzinga 7
Meet these natural ladies making things happen. Nzinga 7 Arts Collective is making important strides in the community, with a focus on women’s empowerment.

Love Is Patient & Kind
Discover the keys to getting the love you want.

TWA? Twist out? Coils? Learning the Lingo: The Naturally You! Diction*hair*y
The ultimate reference guide for the natural newbie or the seasoned veteran. Learn some of the most common lingo related to natural hair.


Not to Chop: Go Natural Without Losing Your Length
Returning to your natural hair texture doesn’t have to be drastic. Get practical advice on going natural gradually.

Slave Hair
One woman’s journey through learning to accept herself and her hair.

Health and Going Natural
In our health conscious society, natural hair is a practical option for many women.

It’s a Wrap!
Everyone loves stylish headwraps, but what are the best fabrics to use? Find out where to begin to select the fabric that is right for you.

Loc Poppin’: Another Culprit Behind Weakening Locs
No, it’s not a variation on pop lockin’. Learn how to separate your locs while keeping them strong and healthy.

Nappy with a Kinky Twist
We would like to believe ‘it’s just hair’, but in reality, our hair has played a major role in the development of African American culture and continues to affect our daily lives.


Ms. Naturally Nappy
My Crown
Natural Nonsense
Happy to Be Nappy
Give the Drummer Some

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Published: 2004
Pages: 40
Format: Digital (PDF)