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The Majesty of Locs
An awe inspiring pictorial celebration of our regal crowns.

The 12 Days of Naturally You!
12 great tips for keeping your hair soft, manageable, and beautiful for the holidays!


Is a Texturizer Right For You?, by Pat Valley
Are texturizers natural? Are they a good option for transitioners? Get the scoop before you take the plunge.

Take Down Those Locs!, by Monica Millner
Yes, you can remove locs without shaving your head, we promise! It may be easier than you think.

Demystifying the Pantyhose Headband, by Kaya Casper
Pantyhose have a million and one uses. Did you know they make perfect headbands and afro puff holders? Learn how with our step by step illustrated guide.

Women's Gold, by Myriam Muhammad
Known in West Africa as women's gold or karite (life), shea butter has healing and moisturizing properties unmatched by other products. See why not all shea butter is created equal before you buy.


Battling the Winter Blues
The days get shorter and the weather gets cold, leaving many of us longing for summer. Find out how to carry the sunshine with you through the winter.

Making Peace with Yourself, by Richard Grayson
What does yoga have to do with natural beauty? 5000 years of yoga show us how to reconnect with our inner selves.

Fat's Where it's At
You've heard about good fat. Get the simple facts on how it can improve your health, plus a healthy and delicious "EFA Blast" pesto recipe from whole foods expert Christina Pirello.


Reader Spotlight: Bonded by Nature, by Tamara Horn
One woman's remarkable experience with her family of eight nappturals.

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Published: 2004
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