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Back to Basics, by Kaya Casper
Naturally You! Publisher Kaya Casper tells why she shaved her four year old locs. Find out how she loced her hair, what led up to the chop, and see photos of the transformation.

The Bald and the Beautiful, by Nekea Valentine
Beautiful, sexy, and striking with barely a stitch of hair. You may think supermodel Alek Wek, but more and more everyday superwomen are taking the plunge into uncompromising, unadulterated baldness. Meet three young ladies who each decided that it all had to go.

A Fresh Start, by Nekea Valentine
Many people feel that locs are deeply rooted in spirituality; antennae with a direct connection to our higher power. It is also common to hear that locs hold energy. Is there any truth to these concepts? We sat down with Abena Malika, who recently chopped her six year old locs, to find out.


Little Miss Big Chop, by Nekea Valentine
We have come across a lot of inspiring stories in the publishing of Naturally You! Magazine, but this one has warmed our hearts like none other. Jamaica Reddick is a just-turned-14-year-old eighth grader who recently went natural, and has plenty to say about it.

Maximize Growth, by Janice Brown, Malaika Tamu-Cooper
Want longer, stronger natural hair? Get expert advice from Janice Brown of Tarbaby Natural Hair Design in Brooklyn, NY and Malaika Tamu Cooper of Dreadz N Headz in Baltimore, MD.

Texturing Locs, by Thierry Baptiste
If you're looking for a new style for your locs, look no further. Thierry Baptiste of Brunette Salon in Indianapolis shows you how to do a hot new style that you may not have seen before.

CafePress.com for Naturals!
Many people are using CafePress.com to create everything from mugs, to wall clocks, to tshirts, all celebrating natural hair. We tell you about a few natural-friendly CafePress stores to start with.

New Bein'
We tried the Nubie Pack from New Bein' Enterprises hair product line. Find out how it works, what's in them, and where to get yours.

Box Braids
No advanced braiding ability is needed to get a style that will last, and offers more options than you know what to do with. What a novel idea - braids with your own natural hair!

Everyday Makeover
Cherie is a cute colledge student who needed an everyday look she can do herself. We gave her fresh make up, and a simple new style - and we show you how to do it yourself.

Hair Accessories: Z Dezigns
Z Dezigns are handcrafted leather accessories for natural hair. The ties are created for those of us with thick hair and a lot of it - but short hair sistahs can wear them too. The ties double as cute necklaces. We show you step by step how to use them, variations, and how to get them.

Notable Natural: Taliah Waajid
Taliah Waajid is a pioneer in the natural hair care industry with a career that began more than 20 years ago. The stylist turned mega entreprenuer has paved the way for naturals in many different arenas - learn more about the work she has done.


Calendula flowers have been used for centuries as food and for their healing properties. Find out more about how calendula can be used on your hair and skin, and try our homemade product recipes.

Spring Clean Your Life, by Linda K. Romera
Is your mind feeling cluttered? Follow these easy steps to relax, clear your space and your mind, move toward your goals, and live in the present.

Acupuncture, by Linda K. Romera
Originating in China more than 2,000 years ago, acupunture is one of the oldest and most commonly used holistic medical practices in the world. The purpose of this process is to restore balance on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

You are what you eat - find out everything you need to know about this health supportive food which has been used extensively in herbal medicine.


Reader Spotlight: Natural and Free, by DeBorah Tyler
A fellow natural sister shares the story of her "long and rocky road" to naturalness. Laugh, cringe, and cry as you read about her journey through the big chop, the subsequent wig purchase and microbraids, 10-hour salon visits, and her final acceptance of her hair.

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