Keidra (PDF)

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My Revolution
A poem

Weddings and Proms
Stunning, unique looks and ideas for your special event.

Goapele: Change It All
A review of the Change It All album.

Jill Scott: Perms, Hot Combs and Curlers
A review of her book The Moments, the Minutes, The Hours.

The No Oil Routine
Despite oil being a large part of many natural routines, it's not actually required.


Aloe Dere
All about the aloe vera plant and how to use it.

You Are What You Think
Cognitive therapy to take control of your thoughts and find peace of mind.

What is Tai Chi?
Stomping the tiger's tail, three claps of thunder, and more movements for control, balance, and mental clarity.

Find out how this ancient rhizome can be used for digestion, joint issues, and scalp treatments.


Your Hair Type
Two common hair typing systems - where does your hair fit?

Can I Safely Press My Hair?
Two stylists weigh in on using heat to straighten natural hair.

Safely Color Your Locs
Expert loc stylist Thierry Baptiste discusses coloring locs without damage.
An online boutique selling hair and skin care products.

Moisturize Your Coils and Curls
A review of Curls Hair Tea Conditioner, Quenched Curls Moisturizer, and Curls Milkshake.

Stylize Your Puff
How to add flair to your puff using every day accessories.

Shakti Designs
Fabulous, natural looking hair flowers to accessorize any look.

Joanne Cornwell
A profile of the creator of Sisterlocks™.


Freedom Train
All aboard on the road to naturalness.

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