Marguerite (PDF)

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Wedding Day Hair Accessories
How to make your own hair accessories for your natural crown.

Help! I'm Losing My Hair!
Common causes of hair loss, and how to combat them.

Color 101
The five major types of color processes, how they work, and what you need to know about them to keep your hair healthy.

Brothas Speak: What do they really think about natural hair?
Ten men across the country share their thoughts on women with natural hair. Ladies, you don't want to miss what they said.


Three Natural Hair Myths
The reasons that keep us from going natural, and how to break free.

10 Steps to Taming the Wildest of Locs!
A photo illustrated guide to twisting and palm rolling your precious locs.

Ouch! Mommy That Hurts!, by Cherie King
A step by step guide to ease the "comb out drama" for your little girl, and your sanity!

On the Straight and Natural Path
One woman shares her experience of how embracing Allah led her to embrace herself.


Expecting? Do it with a Doula!
Find out more about doulas, and how they can help make the birth of your child a more natural and fulfilling experience.

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Published: 2004
Pages: 32
Format: Digital (PDF)