Sabrina (PDF)

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No Poo???
Did you ever think that simply shampooing your hair could be the cause of dryness and brittleness? Nappturals all over the world swear by the "no poo" routine - we give you an introduction to tossing out your shampoo.

Yvette Smalls: Beyond Hair Stories
Yvette Smalls is the maker of the short film "Hair Stories." The film is a collection of personal stories related to hair, from Sonya Sanchez, Erykah Badu, and others. Learn more about what this sister is all about.


The Internal Transition
Gone natural and gone running for a perm or texturizer? You are not alone. Learn about the second stage of returning to naturalness.

Which Locs are Right for You?
A breakdown of the different types of locs, how they are done, and how much they will cost you. A must read before making the decision to loc!

Beat Shrinkage
The thorn in the side of many nappturals. Tips for keeping your hair stretched overnight.


An Apple (Cider Vinegar) A Day
Apple cider vinegar has been used in medicinal application since 4000 BC. Read about the benefits of this powerful elixer.

Who's In Control? You, or Stress?
Cell phones. Email. Husband, kids, career, business on the side. Easy ways to de-stress in the midst of it all.

The Truth about Skin Cancer
Many people believe that Black folks don't get skin cancer. Learn the myths and realities, and how to detect symptoms early.

Veganism: More Than Just Salads
Be good to yourself and feel great. Three great recipes so good you'll forget they're good for you!

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Published: 2004
Pages: 28
Format: Digital (PDF)