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An Interview with T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, by Greg Trout
These days most people recognize T'Keyah Crystal Keymah as Mrs. Tonya Baxter from Disney's hit sitcom "That's So Raven." It probably doesn't occur to everyone that she is TV land's leading natural sitcom mom, but it's true. Find out more about T'Keyah's natural hair care book, her hair care routine, how she continues to thrive in Hollywood with natural hair, and her special relationship with her grandmother.

Refreshed, Revitalized, Rejuvenated
Something amazing happened at the 10th Annual International Locks Conference in Philadelphia. While it is always an uplifting and enjoyable experience being surrounded by natural heads and locs, this time it was more special than ever. Read Crystal's story of going natural in front of a crowd of onlookers in the best place in the world to do just that.


Help! I Hate My Nappy Hair!
Seeing our natural hair for the first time after years of negative conditioning can be traumatic. All of the fears of being unattractive, unprofessional, unkempt, and unfeminine come racing to the forefront of our minds. We offer a few practical ideas to get past the shock.

Sisterlocks: My Story, by Toya Casper
After endlessly searching for a style that suited me, a gentleman walked into my place of business for an interview sporting some of the most beautiful locs I had ever laid eyes on. The interview went well, but I had a difficult time concentrating - I was staring at his locs!

MotownGirl.com: A Site You Must Visit
If you have not yet used the internet as a resource in your natural hair jouney, you are missing out. We talked to Sister Alisha, the founder of MotownGirl.com, one of the most popular websites for those seeking natural hair care info on the web.

Get Soft Sheen
Most coily natural hair does not have a mirror-finish shine like straight hair sometimes does. When properly cared for, natural hair has a healthy sheen. Follow these tips and recipes to get there!

5 Tools Every Napptural Must Have
If you recently went natural, or are struggling to use your permed hair equipment without much success, find out the five must have tools for naturals.


The Kitchen Chemist: Herbs for Healthy Hair, by Toya Casper
In search of a more wholistic lifestyle, many women have decided to use their high school chemistry experience combined with their knowledge of healthy alternatives to create hair and skin products from natural goodies right in their own kitchens. Learn how to use essential oils and herbs to create your own concoctions.

Everyday Meditation, by Kaya Casper
Meditation can bring you relaxation, stress reduction, calmness, emotional cleansing, and generally improve your quality of life. Find out more about the types of meditation, and how it can work for you.

Natural Family Planning, by Toya Casper
Natural family planning (NFP) describes methods of family planning that do not involve sterilization, contraceptive devices, or drugs. By observing the body and charting changes, women can learn to anticipate when ovulation occurs, and use that information to help avoid or acheive pregnancy.

The Healthy Hair Diet
While there is no miracle treatment or pill for hair growth, healthy eating can help our hair become strong and lustrous. Conversely, nutritional deficits can contribute to hair loss. In this article, we cover specific areas to focus on when planning to promote hair growth.


Reader Spotlight: All That Nappy Hair, by Queli S.
I never thought about my natural hair until a year ago, when I started noticing women with beautiful, full, thick long hair. And it was natural - no chemicals.

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