Duafe Shopper

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This large tote bag features the adinkra symbol "duafe." Adinkra symbols originated with the Akan people of Ghana. The Empire of Ashanti is the most well known of the Akan empires. In the 15th - 19th centuries, the Akan people were among the most powerful in Africa through the mining and trading of gold. Akan states were traditionally matrilineal.

Adinkra symbols represent various concepts and traditional wisdom, and have been used in fabric and pottery for centuries. We have incorporated adinkra symbols into our line of accessories to celebrate the rich history of people of the African diaspora, merging the modern with the traditional as we do in our every day lives.

We know you will wear it well.

The details:
• 100% polyester fabric
• Large inside pocket
• Comfortable cotton webbing handles
• Vibrant colors that won't fade
• Available in one size